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Mesa County Animal Services is proud to support the efforts of Roice-Hurst Humane Society. As a close local partner with RHHS, their efforts in assisting finding forever homes for the animals of Mesa County. Please donate any amount that is possible to free the MCAS team, so we are able to get back to assisting the displaced animals of Mesa County.

ABOUT Shelter Break 2019

 Join other animal lovers in our community and support Roice-Hurst Humane Society’s 2nd annual Shelter Break to help break these pets out of the shelter for good!

Contribute to the bail funds of your friends, family, coworkers, and community leaders.

Or better yet, contribute to Warden Anna’s Counter-bail Fund and she will increase their bail amount,

keeping them locked up even longer and challenging them to raise more!


Name Date Amount Comments
Anonymous Friend 06/28/2019 $75.00 Kevin's tireless work for the citizens and animals of Mesa County is commendable. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!
Wendy Dee 06/28/2019 $20.00 FREE KEVIN
Tori Bozarth 06/28/2019 $25.00  
Anonymous Friend 06/28/2019 $25.00 Grateful for the work you do! Thank you!
Amanda Beck 06/27/2019 $10.00 For all the furry babies. Wish I could do more.
Vicky Stieb 06/24/2019 $20.00 Kevin is great with animals and can even sing for his supper!
Tami Maw 06/22/2019 $50.00 Kevin does great things.
Tanya Manning 06/22/2019 $10.00 Never ever thought I'd be helping to post bail for Officer Bozarth hehe love this & the cause for paws.
Jenna Brown 06/21/2019 $20.00 Because these animals deserve homes and Officer Bozarth works so hard to make sure they are taken care of
Teri Cleaveland 06/21/2019 $20.00  
  Total $275.00  
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