Adopting a Pet Not Only Saves an Animal, But Saves Our Souls.
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Adopting a Pet Not Only Saves an Animal, But Saves Our Souls.
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Eight years ago I adopted Ringo, my five pound Chihuahua, and it changed my life in dramatic ways. Ringo not only gave me a sense of purpose, but inspired me to pursue a career in animal welfare to spread the word about the wonderful benefits of adopting shelter pets. Not only do we do a huge service by adopting an animal from a shelter, but the animals do us a service as well. I know I love coming home to wiggly happy little dog, and cuddling with my purring cat. The human-animal bond is a powerful one, and a relationship that Roice-Hurst seeks to promote! 

ABOUT Shelter Break 2019

 Join other animal lovers in our community and support Roice-Hurst Humane Society’s 2nd annual Shelter Break to help break these pets out of the shelter for good!

Contribute to the bail funds of your friends, family, coworkers, and community leaders.

Or better yet, contribute to Warden Anna’s Counter-bail Fund and she will increase their bail amount,

keeping them locked up even longer and challenging them to raise more!


Name Date Amount Comments
Anonymous Friend 06/25/2019 $15.00  
Brigitte Albrecht 06/13/2019 $10.00  
Michelle Will 06/11/2019 $25.00 Thank you for all you do for animals, Ashley! Not just at Roice-Hurst, but in your everyday life. I admire your dedication, passion & unwavering love for animals. Much love!
Janet Rowsam 06/11/2019 $100.00 Keep up the good work.
Cloie Sandlin 06/10/2019 $10.00  
Peggy McClarren 06/05/2019 $75.00 Thank you Ashley DiGrado and everyone at Roice-Hurst.
Rhonda Dunlap 06/04/2019 $25.00 I live the work that this local animal organization does for the animals. And the people are great too! I attended the recent swing dance at the Botanical Center, that was a fabulous night!
  Total $260.00  
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